Our philosophy that we value so highly is what lies beneath our passion in everything we do. Thus, here’s a list of “Things to do in Bolgoda” that we’ve put together, to make your stay with us, a story to be remembered. We’re blessed with a fusion of nature and adventure at its finest, across the largest freshwater lake in Sri Lanka, that spans 374 Sq. Km. Hence, as your Adventure Boutique Hotel in Bolgoda, we aspire to bring all of it to you, laced with luxury, while ensuring your safety and security. Go ahead and explore! However, if you desire a more simple and personalized experience like a meal on the lake, tell us! We’ll make sure to add it to your story.


The perfect wedding destination right within the cityscape for you and your loved one. Creating customized experiences to best suit your style and taste happens to be a specialty at Wave Bolgoda! Known for its picturesque location with a natural backdrop on the pier, Weddings at WAVE are bound to create everlasting memories of your special occasion.

Events and parties

The spectacular natural backdrop of the calming waters of the Bolgoda Lake and the vast open sky on the ‘pier’ at WAVE Bolgoda is a much sought-after feature for weddings and all other parties & get-togethers. With the cozy and intimate lounge setup, delicious food, top-notch service, and flexibility for all ranges of groups starting from 20 to 100, Wave Bolgoda is the ideal place for all your special & intimate events.


 Bask in the glory of the typically unreachable privacy away from the hustle & bustle of the city life, with exclusivity of the famed infinity pool and the entire lower deck overlooking the breathtaking beauty of the Bolgoda Lake, along with a delicious private lunch buffet, evening cake and tea/coffee and a wide array of water sports activities, all for an affordable rate, just 30 minutes away from Colombo.


Looking for the perfect day getaway for your work clique? The entire villa at WAVE Bolgoda, for 25 packs and above, with an infinity pool overlooking the glorious view of the Bolgoda Lake, a flavorful lunch buffet (with many options to choose from) and a diverse collection of water sports activities, right here within the city of Colombo is the perfect spot for your corporate outing.


The crowd favorite and specialty at WAVE Bolgoda – the Pier, its astounding lake backdrop, and the unique dark-textured interior is the ideal scenery to celebrate one of the most memorable moments of your life. And it comes with an added bonus of giving the option of a dinner service afterwards, with the flexibility of accommodating a very intimate crowd. 

Water sports

Indulge in the luxury of Water Sports right here at WAVE Bolgoda which overlooks the serenity of the largest freshwater lake in Sri Lanka. You can now relish in the joys of Jet

Skiing, Speed-boating, Sightseeing Boat Tours, Wakeboarding and Fly-boarding right within the city.

With a Certified Training Instructor, that is one amongst the very few in the island, highly trained and capable staff, paramount focus on safety, and a wide range of Jet Skis to choose from, your experience of Water Sports at Wave Bolgoda will be one for the memories! 

* Wakeboarding and Fly-boarding can be arranged on prior notice

* Spend The Day / Corporate Spend the Day packages inclusive of Water Sports will be granted Special discounts.


Meat & Seafood assortments, ‘Big starch’ portions, Nibbles Appetizers, Bites, whatever it is that you crave – we’ve got you covered! 

An assorted range of food inclusive of both local and international cuisines carefully chosen to hit all your taste buds, served right by the astounding view of the setting sun upon the Bolgoda Lake with the calming breeze flowing in is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Karaoke lounge

Your very own private space with a TV Karaoke system, just for you and your loved-ones overlooking the perfect view of the Bolgoda Lake, with the option of private dining, undisturbed by others at the facility, while you sway to the tunes and sing your hearts out, is a unique specialty here at WAVE Bolgoda.


De-stress and get lost in the calming ripples of the water and look upon the vast sky on the horizon of the largest freshwater lake in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, straddling the border between Colombo District and Kalutara District. The Infinity Pool opening out over to the unblemished view of the Bolgoda Lake is pure indulgence!

Breakfast on the deck

Bask in the glorious sunrise under the open sky and say hello to a new day while enjoying a relishing meal on the Wave Bolgoda specialty deck.

Dinner on the deck

Enjoy the calming winds and the shimmering night lights with a perfectly cooked meal of high quality and taste, right under the night sky with your loved ones.

Work from WAVE

The budding concept of ‘Work From WAVE’, in line with the ever-growing cafe-culture, serving as a serene haven to work and study, with free Wi-Fi and the soothing atmosphere away from the cityscape is avidly rising to its fame right here at Wave Bolgoda too!

Photoshoots and Video shoots

The unique setup, beautifully complimented by the distinct WAVE Bolgoda interior, which can easily accommodate both your private and corporate artistic ventures, is already a preferred spot for many famous brands and creative artists and is rapidly growing in its fame.